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Projectmanagement - Selftest 4

Inhalte von Prof. Dr. Kurt Englmeier

1. You are a project manager for your organization. Management has asked you to help them determine which projects should be selected for implementation. In a project selection model, which of the following is the most important factor?

A. Business needs
B. The type of constraints
C. The budget
D. The schedule

2. On any project, the lessons-learned document is created by which of the following?

A. The customers
B. The project sponsor
C. The project team
D. The stakeholders

3. Your project is moving ahead of schedule. Management elects to incorporate additional quality testing into the project to improve the quality and acceptability of
the project deliverable. This is an example of which one of the following?

A. Scope creep
B. Change control
C. Quality assurance
D. Integrated change control

4. All of the following are true about change requests except:

A. They happen while the project work is being done.
B. They always require additional funding.
C. They can be written or verbal.
D. They can be requested by a stakeholder.

5. You are the project manager for a pharmaceutical company. You are currently working on a project for a new drug your company is creating. A recent change in a law governing drug testing will change your project scope. Since the project must be completed within two years, what's the first thing you should do as project manager?

A. Create a documented change request.
B. Proceed as planned, since the project will be grandfathered beyond the new change in the law.
C. Consult with the project sponsor and the stakeholders.
D. Stop all project work until the issue is resolved.

6. During project execution activities, a project sponsor's role in a functional organization can best be described as doing which one of the following?

A. Acting as a sounding board for the project stakeholders
B. Helping the project manager and stakeholders resolve any issues ASAP
C. Deflecting change requests for the project manager
D. Showing management the project progress and status reports

7. You are the project manager for the HALO Project. You and your project team are preparing the project plan. Of the following, which one is a project plan development constraint you and your team must consider?

A. The budget as assigned by management
B. Project plans from similar projects
C. Project plans from similar projects that have failed
D. Interviews with subject matter experts (SMEs) who have experience with the project work in your project plan

8. Which of the following is the primary purpose of the project management plan?

A. To define the work to be completed to reach the project end date
B. To define the work needed in each phase of the project life cycle
C. To prevent any changes to the scope
D. To define how the project is executed, monitored, controlled, and then closed

9. Of the following, which one is an input to project plan development?

A. The project scope statement
B. Project planning methodology
D. Business needs

10. What is the difference between a project baseline and a project plan?

A. Project plans change as needed, while baselines change only at milestones.
B. Project plans and baselines do not change—they are amended.
C. Project plans change as needed, while baselines are snapshots of the project plan.
D. Baselines are control tools, while project plans are execution tools.

11. Which one of the following is not beneficial to the project manager during the project plan development process?

A. Gantt charts
C. The project management methodology
D. Stakeholder knowledge

12. Which one of the following represents the vast majority of a project's budget?

A. Project planning
B. Project plan execution
C. Labor
D. Cost of goods and services

13. The project plan provides a baseline for several things. Which one of the following does the project plan not provide a baseline for?

A. Scope
B. Cost
C. Schedule
D. Control

14. Which of the following can best help a project manager during project execution?

A. Stakeholder analysis
B. Change control boards
D. Scope verification

15. You are the project manager for your organization. When it comes to integrated change control, you must ensure that which one of the following is present?

A. Supporting detail for the change exists
B. Approval of the change from the project team
C. Approval of the change from an SME
D. Risk assessment for each proposed change

16. The project plan provides what in regard to project changes?

A. A methodology to approve or decline CCB changes
B. A guide to all future project decisions
C. A vision of the project deliverables
D. A fluid document that may be updated as needed based on the CCB

17. You are the project manager for the DGF Project. This project is to design and implement a new application that will connect to a database server. Management of your company has requested that you create a method to document technical direction on the project and to document any changes or enhancements to the technical attributes of the project deliverable. Which one of the following would satisfy management's request?

A. Configuration management
B. Integrated change control
C. Scope control
D. The change management plan

18. Baseline variances, a documented plan to management variances, and a proven methodology to offer corrective actions to the project plan are all part of which

A. Change management
B. The change control system
C. The scope change control
D. Integrated change control

19. One of the requirements of project management in your organization is to describe your project management approach and methodology in the project plan. You can best accomplish this requirement through which one of the following actions?

A. Establishing a project office
B. Establishing a program office
C. Compiling the management plans from each of the knowledge areas
D. Creating a PMIS and documenting its inputs, tools and techniques, and outputs

20. You have just informed your project team that each team member will be contributing to the lessons-learned documentation. Your team does not understand this approach and wants to know what the documentation will be used for. Which one of the following best describes the purpose of the lessons-learned documentation?

A. Offers proof of concept for management
B. Offers historical information for future projects
C. Offers evidence of project progression as reported by the project team
D. Offers input to team member evaluations at the project conclusion

21. Which one of the following is a formal document to manage and control project

B. The project management plan
C. The organizational management plan
D. The work authorization system

22. Configuration management is a process for applying technical and administrative direction and surveillance of the project implementation. Which activity is not
included in configuration management?

A. Controlling changes to the project deliverables
B. Scope verification
C. Automatic change request approvals
D. Identification of the functional and physical attributes of the project deliverables

23. Which set contains parts of the project plan execution?

B. General management skills, status review meetings, and EVM
C. Project management methodology and the PMIS
D. General management skills, status review meetings, and interpersonal skills

24. EVM is used during the...

A. Controlling processes
B. Executing processes
C. Closing processes
D. Entire project

25. You are the project manager for your organization. Management would like you to use a tool that can help you plan, schedule, monitor, and report your findings on your project. This tool is which one of the following?

C. Status review meetings
D. Project team knowledge and skill set

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