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Projectmanagement - Selftest 3

Inhalte von Prof. Dr. Kurt Englmeier

1. What is a project process?

A. The creation of a product or service
B. The progressive elaboration resulting in a product
C. A series of actions that brings about a result
D. A series of actions that allows the project to move from concept to deliverable

2. Within a project, there are two distinct types of processes. Which of the following processes is unique to the project?

A. EVM processes
B. Project management planning
D. A product-oriented process

3. There are five project management processes that allow projects to move from start to completion. Which one of the following is not one of the project management process groups?

A. Initiating
B. Planning

4. Of the following, which is the logical order of the project management processes?

A. Initiating, planning, monitoring and controlling, executing
B. Planning, initiating, monitoring and controlling, executing, closing
C. Initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, closing
D. Planning, initiating, executing, closing

5. Which of the project management processes is progressively elaborated?

A. Planning
B. Communicating
C. Contract administration
D. Closing

6. The ongoing process of project planning is also known as...?

A. Constant integration planning
B. Rolling wave planning
C. Continuous planning
D. Phase gates

7. You are the project manager for the AQA Project. You would like to include several of the customers in the project planning sessions, but your project
leader would like to know why the stakeholders should be involved since your project team will be determining the best method to reach the project
objectives. You explain to the project leader that the stakeholders should be included because...

A. It generates goodwill between the project team and the stakeholders.
B. It allows the stakeholders to see the project manager as the authority of the project.
C. It allows the project team to meet the stakeholders and express their concerns regarding project constraints.
D. It allows the stakeholders to realize the shared ownership of the project.

8. You have requested that several of the stakeholders participate in the different phases of the project. Why is this important?

A. It prevents scope creep.
B. It allows for scope constraints.
C. It improves the probability of satisfying the customer requirements.
D. It allows for effective communications.

9. The information from the planning phase is input into which of the following processes?

A. Initiating
B. Monitoring and controlling
C. Executing
D. Closing

10. The information from the initiating phase is input into which of the following processes?

A. Planning
B. Executing
D. All of the project phases

11. Which process represents an ongoing effort throughout the project?

A. Lessons learned
B. Planning

12. Which of the following processes happen in the correct order?

A. Activity def inition, scope planning, activity duration estimating, cost budgeting
B. Scope planning, resource planning, activity duration estimating, activity sequencing
C. Scope definition, scope planning, activity def inition, activity sequencing
D. Def ine scope, def ine activities, plan quality

13. Which of the following processes happens in the closing process?

A. Activity def inition
B. Cost budgeting
C. Quality planning
D. Close procurement

14. Which of the following planning processes is concerned with reporting relationships?
A. Organizational planning
B. Human resource planning
C. Scope planning
D. Activity def inition

15. Of the following, which process is most concerned with mitigation?

A. Quality planning
B. Risk response planning
C. Procurement planning
D. Risk identif ication

16. You are the project manager for the FTG Project. This project will affect several lines of business, and controversy on the project deliverables already abounds. You have 45 key stakeholders on this project representing internal customers from all areas of your organization. With this many stakeholders, what challenge will be the most diff icult for the project's success?

A. Communication
B. Managing stakeholder expectations
C. Managing scope creep
D. Coordinating communications between the project manager, project team, and the project stakeholders

17.Which of the following is representative of a project constraint?

A. A project that must be finished by year's end
B. That 45 stakeholders exist on a long-term project
C. The requirement to complete EVM
D. The requirement to produce a new product

18. You are a project manager of a large construction project. There are many different stakeholders involved in the project, and each has their own opinion as to what the project should create. To maintain communication, set objectives, and document all decisions, you can say that larger projects generally require...?

A. A larger budget
B. More detail
C. Phase gate estimating
D. A large project team

19. In order to create a network diagram, the project manager needs which of the following?

A. Activity sequencing
B. Project sponsor approval of the WBS
C. The WBS dictionary
D. A cost baseline

20. All of the following are processes that happen within the project cost management knowledge area except for which one?

A. Cost estimating
B. Control cost
C. Determine the project budget
D. Establishing the resource estimates

21. Which of the following is considered an output of risk management planning?

A. Activity lists
C. The risk management plan
D. The scope management plan

22. Which project management knowledge area coordinates the efforts of the five process groups?

A. Project integration management
B. Project planning
C. Project management plan creation process
D.Monitoring and controlling

23. Frances is the project manager of the JHG Project. This project is similar to a recent project she completed for another customer. Which planning process will Frances need to finish first to ensure the project is completed successfully?

A. Contract planning
B. Scope definition
C. Activity sequencing
D.Quality planning

24. You are the project manager for the BKL Project. This type of project has never been attempted before by your organization. The stakeholders already have high requirements for the project deliverables, and you need to create a change control system. This system should be controlled by which of the following?

A. A formal change control form
B. It should be completed by the team.
C. The change control board
D. It is specif ic to the organizational structure.

25. Complete this statement: Projects fail...

A. At the beginning, not at the end
B. During initiating, not closing
C. Because of inadequate project managers
D. Because of the project manager

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