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Projectmanagement - Selftest 1

Inhalte von Prof. Dr. Kurt Englmeier

1. Which one of the following is not an attribute of a project?

A. Def inite starting date
B. Has no definite end date
C. Creates a product, service, or result
D. Requires resources

2. Nancy is the project manager of the INCORP1 Project. She and the stakeholders created a scope two months ago, but since then, the scope has evolved and now provides much more detail about the project. The process of the scope evolving is also known as which one of the following terms?

A. Decomposition
B. Scope verification
C. Scope creep
D. Progressive elaboration

3. You are explaining to a junior engineer the difference between a project and operations. Which one of the following is true only of operations?

A. They are performed by people.
B. They are constrained by limited resources.
C. They are ongoing.
D. They are planned, executed, and controlled.

4. You are the project manager for your company, Mark Manufacturers. Your company has a large client that has requested a special component be created for one of their test engines. Your organization agrees and creates a standard contract with the customer, and your manager assigns you to manage this project. The project was launched because of which one of the following?

A. A customer request
B. A change in the technology your customer is creating
C. A legal requirement (contractual)
D. An organizational need

5. Project managers are not responsible for which one of the following in most organizations?

A. Identifying the project requirements
B. Selecting the projects to be initiated
C. Balancing demands for time, cost, scope, and quality
D. Establishing clear and achievable project objectives

6. You and William, a project stakeholder, are discussing risks within your project. Which one of the following best describes risk?

A. Any event that can cause your project to fail
B. Any event that may have a positive or negative effect on your project's team
C. An uncertain event that may have a positive or negative effect on your project
D. An event that will cause time and cost constraints to be broken

7. You are the project manager for a large software development project. You have concerns that one of the components of the Iron Triangle is slipping. Your project sponsor, Jim Bob, is not familiar with the Iron Triangle, so you explain the concept to him. What will be affected if any angle of the Iron Triangle is not kept in balance?

A. Cost
B. Quality
C. Time
D. Scope

8. Which knowledge area includes the creation of the project charter?

A. Project scope management
B. Project cost management
C. Project integration management
D. Project communications management

9. You and your project team are located in Schmalkalden, but your project execution will take place in Mexico. You have valid concerns about the interactions with the stakeholders; time zone differences; language barriers; the different laws that could affect your project; and the logistics of travel, face-to-face meetings, and even teleconferencing. Which of the following project environments are you concerned with most?

A. Cultural and social
B. International and political
C. Physical
D.Organizational structure

10. Which one of the following is not a general management skill?

A. Motivating the project team
B. Purchasing and procurement
C. Sales and marketing
D. Contracts and commercial law

11. Smith Construction has won a contract to build a 77-story condominium building in downtown Meiningen. The building will have 650 condos, a parking garage, indoor and outdoor pools, two floors for retail, two floors of off ices, and several shared community rooms. Mary Anne Kedzie has elected to create a program for the creation of the building. Which one of the following best describes a program?

A. A standardized approach to project management within an organization
B. A standardized approach to project management with multiple projects coordinated together
C. A collection of related projects managed in coordination to gain control that would not necessarily be available if the projects were managed independently
D. A collection of related projects all contributing to one deliverable

12. You are the project manager for an architectural design company. Your company consistently completes projects for other companies. Within your organization, the project managers have the highest level of authority on a project. You are likely operating within what type of company?

A. A company using a functional structure
B. A company using a matrix structure
C. A company using Management by Projects
D. A company using an ISO 9000 program

13. Who is usually responsible for portfolio management within an organization?

A. Project managers
B. Project sponsors
C. Stakeholders
D. Senior management

14. You are the project manager of a large project to install 1,900 kiosks throughout college campuses in Germany. The kiosk will collect applications for credit cards, phone services, and other services marketable to college students. The bulk of your project is focused on the information technology integration, the wide area network (WAN) connections from each kiosk, security of the data transferred, and the database of the information gathered. For ease of management, you have hired local contractors to install the kiosks that you will ship to each campus. The contractors on each campus will be responsible for the WAN connection, the electrical connection, the security of the kiosk, and all testing. The local contracted work could be called what?

A. Risk mitigation
B. Operations
C. Subprojects
D.Management by Projects

15. Where can a project manager expect software, templates, and standardized policies?

A. A project management off ice
B. With the stakeholders
C. Human resources
D. The project budget

16. Which of the following is likely to be part of an operation?

A. Providing electricity to a community
B. Designing an electrical grid for a new community
C. Building a new dam as a source for electricity
D. Informing the public about changes at the electrical company

17. Of the following, which one is not part of project integration management?

A. The creation of the project plan
B. The interaction between project teams
C. The execution of the project plan
D. The documentation of changes to the project plan

18. Which one of the following describes the physical environment for a construction project?

A. The terrain where the construction will take place
B. The approval of the blueprints for the building
C. The demographics of the community where the construction will take place
D. The laws that govern where the building may take place

19. Which document will guide the interaction between the project manager and a selected vendor on a project?

A. The project plan
B. The statement of work (SOW)
C. The procurement management plan
D. The contract

20. What is the difference between a standard and a regulation?

A. Standards and regulations are the same.
B. Standards are regulated by specif ic industries; regulations are laws.
C. Standards are optional; regulations are required.
D. Standards are required; regulations are laws.

21. The project manager typically devotes the most amount of time to which of the following tasks?

A. Communications
B. Budget management
C. Project organization
D. Management of team negotiations

22. You have an excellent idea for a new project that can increase productivity by 20 percent in your organization. Management, however, declines to approve the proposed project because too many resources are already devoted to other projects. You have just experienced what?

A. Parametric modeling
B. Management by exception
C. Project portfolio management
D.Management reserve

23. Which one of the following is an interpersonal skill a project manager must have to be successful?

A. Sales and marketing
B. Leadership
C. Health and safety practices
D. Information technology experience

24. Of the following, which is the most important stakeholder involved with a project?

A. The project manager
B. The project sponsor
C. The chief executive off icer (CEO)
D. The customer

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